As a young ambitious web developer and designer, I take pride in my work. In my spare time, I love to play sports outside, play the piano, draw, and make home videos. I love my work, but have always believed that there's room for improvement. My development skills have always improved since the first day I started site building. I am extending my interest in web design with Redrikko, which unleashes vision. Learn more about me.

Taking the Same Path Ever Since

I have done and completed various multiple tasks in the past. But some of those tasks transformed into long-term hobbies, including website building, graphic designing, and playing the piano. These freelance occupations first started around late 2007/early 2008. Over the years, I started to grow fond of coding and became inspired by many other developers and website designers to design my own websites with pure, beautiful code. Even if I have coded for already over five years now, there's a long path to take before I master everything.
What is Redrikko? Redrikko is a small single-person freelancing website building and graphic design business that is willing to take clients to the extra mile without the hassle of expense. Redrikko is a name that combines the names of brothers Red (my name) and Rico (my brother's name) and replaces the "c" with "kk," hence results the name "Redrikko."
Looking for Redpaint? If you are searching for Redpaint, click here. Redpaint will be discontinued on January 2015. News on Redpaint will be posted on this website.

Affordable Pricing

Customers that are craving for quality web design also seek for an agency that offers more flexibility for less. I am currently open to negotiation so that way my services are able to fit your budget.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I attempt to provide a maximum substantial effort to create websites the way you and other clients want them, whether you want your website built from scratch or with a powerful website building tool.

It's a Hobby, Not a Job

Web designing is not really employment to me, but instead is something that I do for a living. I always seem to have the strong urge to inspire myself. This was something I have been doing for over five years.

Personal Photography

Downtown Philadelphia
Inner Harbor at Downtown Baltimore
The Car and Carriage Caraven Museum
Luray Caverns Entrance
The Stonyman Mining Company Gem Sluice
Willis Tower View of Downtown Chicago