1st-Place Runner-Up in AGM Competition

It’s nice news to know that I won 2nd place even though I did expect much of a lower position (3rd or 4th). This could be because of the catastrophic performances in the same day. Here’s what you can expect. Oh, and just to make sure we don’t give out info of others, we will not tell anyone their name and other information (personally.)

1st Performance: FAIL
Being the oldest pianist in the group, no offense but he probably forgot half of the song that he was playing. I first thought he was going to take forever, but he started remembering. Unfortunately, he made about 10 forgettable mistakes he was forced to fix. All were recognizable.

2nd Performance: Bad Pedaling; Too Fast
The second performance was the same song played by a girl but this time she didn’t make so much mistakes. Some of the mistakes that she made included bad pedaling and too fast of the original tempo. The same song was played, but super fast. Plus, everytime she stepped on the pedal I hear a sound that seems no good for her play. These results led to her failure to contend.

3rd Performance: Good Job (3rd Place)
I think the third girl did a very good job playing the piano, but one thing I needed to know: did she need to pedal? But other than that she did nice playing. However, my mom criticized her with her fingers.

4th Performance: Horrid Tempo; Overall OK
My music teacher told me that this 4th pianist had bad tempo, beating, etc. But I unrecognized it though knowing the mistakes the person made I thought she was OK.

5th Performance: Bad Version of My Song
I just found out that he was playing the same song. Bad tempo.. okay you know what everything sucked: dynamics, tempo, pedaling, notes, you name it.

6th Performance: The Best (1st Place)
This guy is the bomb. He played the song that one of my friends are going to play in the AGM. No mistakes, beautiful playing, I predicted a score of 100/100 out of him.

My Performance: No One Knows (2nd Place)
I didn’t do as well as I thought knowing that I made 3 minor mistakes. But how did I get 2nd place? First of all, no one knew what my mistakes were. Second, people were dancing to the music. And finally, loud clapping made the cut.

8th Performance: Crying About It
She played the same song that the 1st and 2nd performer played. Messed up too. And when we left the AGM next thing I heard Rico told me, “I saw a girl crying.” I think she needs to get over it. If she practices, you know what kind of good happens.