Adding Something New to the Portfolio

Coming to my friend’s house knowing that she wants to create an all-new business after NRJ Janitorial Services plummeted to the bottom and literally failed, she asked if she can help her again. She also asked if I could convert her pictures into .pdf files. One thing is for sure, and one of them has to be that converting anything to .pdf or any other file (as long as it’s readable) is simple. Without downloading some software that takes minutes to install, you can just visit this site:

Knowing that I haven’t been updating for approximately 4-5 days is totally disappointed, especially with the lack of hours that I only receive every other day of the week. And weekends don’t cut it, because I would be doing some other thing important–it even includes the weekdays, too, with me typing this blog post at my friend’s house. I’m saying it like this because I don’t want revealing any of her info.

I gave her at a couple of (or a quite lot, actually) choices–when it comes to small business–Webs, Weebly, Wix, Intuit, Yola, Ucoz, EZWeb123, 000WebHost, GoDaddy!, Homestead, and many more! Here are the things that I think could go and not go with her requirements:

I have been working on Webs for four years now and yet I haven’t been just as experienced due to close downs, failing sites, and many other conflicts for the couple of years. I told her that Webs was great when it came to premium packaging, because always gave out discounts, and I liked that (hope I get money for it for my birthday.) But premium “stuff” is not what it is said to be. For instance, not matter what package you buy in order to remove adverts, it doesn’t seem to work. Sometimes apps might want you to buy extra to actually remove adverts. Crap. Plus, the templates Webs offers is complete dipsh*t (excluse my expletive language). So, Webs doesn’t work for this kind of situation.

My dad showed me what other site builders are better than Webs. I first thought Weebly sucks. However, Weebly, in my opinion, is cheaper, more professional, and have better designed templates than Webs. However, I decided working on my sites on Webs because Webs offers many things you don’t get on Weebly. Still, Weebly is a great site builder. You can get the basic essentials: a blog, a market, and a couple of pages. Weebly is also very simple–they don’t get the many errors Webs gets, like sometimes publishing sites. Weebly can actually be a good decision, but let’s see the others.

I started working on Wix two years after working on Webs. Probably the most customizable site builder out there, you just basically drag and drop and do whatever you want–now you can integrate HTML to FLASH WEBSITES! One thing, however, is that for a budget like my friend’s, we couldn’t use Wix for this. But again, Webs, Weebly, and Wix are great site builders.

I don’t really know why I would go and decide using Intuit because I have no intention into paying but because of its popularity it could be a good decision. But paying $7.99 a month after a free trial seems undeciding for me. So the decision for choosing Intuit is anonymous.

They say it’s better than paid hosting, which I like. Plus finding some comments under YouTubers people are saying this site hoster is really worth it. I would need to learn more about this site hoster before deciding.

This is the site hoster my friend was using for NRJ Janitorial Services, and she made no money. Sad because I thought it would be good. Unfortunately for every GoDaddy! Commercial I see on TV it’s actually sexual, like that one about the .CO domains.

Looking at Moonfruit at first I though Moonfruit was completely professional and beautiful. But trying it wasn’t 100% free. It was a 14-day trial, plus it wasn’t very simple to use at first. So I decided stopping my work there. Not literally work, just those times when I make sites using their site builder. Still love the sites from Moonfruit, though–professional, clean, minimalist, what can I ask for?

I used Yola in 2009 and never used it again. I think they still sending me all that crappy email. However they were simple to use and they had decent site editing and templates.

Squarespace is the biggest thing to think about–because Squarespace looks easy and simple, but this time I will not get fooled! Knowing that Squarespace offers a 14-day trial you start paying for it then! Even though Squarespace is a consideration and so far looks great for a revamped personal site, which I can integrate my stuff here to there, unfortunately it is overpriced for our budget! It is $20 a month ($22.22 month-to-month). Compare that to Webs, when sometimes the Pro Package is only $6.67 a month! No seriously, sometimes!

WordPress is really one of the best site builders I have ever tried because it was simple and many templates release at least sometimes once or twice a week or month. But we’re talking about an all-new small business! So, those sites might work out. I’ll show her and we’ll see what she decides. Kuya Alex said that people (or a group) are making sharing sites to make money with small business these days. Maybe he’s right, or wrong, but I’m not completely sure of that.