All-New Website Builder on Webs

Big news to all Webs members… as you can see I didn’t know what was going on until today when I found out that Webs had a new makeover on their site builder—and the changes are big. The changes must have been applied to Webs this week or the beginning of this week or the end of last week. I don’t know; I just read it today.

The fact that I despised most of their templates is changing. The new templates weren’t perfect but they were far better. Also, this would be the perfect thing to happen, especially for my new project. Unfortunately they have a few templates, and again, not everything is perfect, plus not only are the templates, again not perfect, but also this is only available to those who recently just signed up.

They will give you a simple tour for it. But there are many wishes and hopes from me that I hope happens on this new site builder:

  • Fixing errors for saving drafts
  • Better templates (not those crappy version ones)
  • Pretty much all problems
  • etc.

Maybe those aren’t a lot of hopes but with a whole new interface for new members things need to change around here. I will be using the new site builder for you know what I told you… but then again I just read about this so I don’t know even close or near to 10% to the real info.