Bernie’s Endorsement: A Major Disappointment


I want to vomit. Bernie Sanders, who appeared to be anti-establishment, has now endorsed an establishment politician.

Fact: Hillary was never a real progressive democrat–never was until she had to face one this election. Now that she’s the presumptive nominee of the democratic party, she has became more “progressive.” I read in multiple news articles that she is now considering universal healthcare; before she suggested we expand the Affordable Healthcare Act (which isn’t equivalent to Bernie’s desired Scandinavian universal health care, by the way).

There’s hundreds of videos that expose Hillary–hundreds of videos on websites such as YouTube that show her flip flop on issues. There are also videos that expose her in her involvement of multiple scandals, including but not limited to her accountability regarding the soldiers’ deaths in Benghazi.

And while she has not been charged by the FBI for being “extremely careless” with her emails, it shows her incompetence–which is not a trait we want in our next president. It also shows that people with wealth and political power can get away with the law, and it’s been like that prior to her email scandal. As best summarized, “laws are for poor people.”

If you’re old enough to vote this November, don’t vote for a candidate who PRETENDS to be a progressive. Don’t vote for a candidate who PRETENDS to care about the middle class. Don’t vote for a candidate who PRETENDS to care about YOU. Voting for someone you dislike because you dislike the other candidate more (i.e. Trump, Gary, Jill) isn’t democratic.

Even if I disagreed with some of Bernie’s political views, there were several that I did agree. He was actually libertarian in some ways. I thought he stood up for what he believed in, which was why he had my respect. Now that respect is about to be thrown out the window, unless he admits that his endorsement of Hillary Clinton was a grave mistake.