Bro Gets Top Comments

I don’t know why I decided to type an entry about this, but oh well. 🙂

My brother started yelling about when all of the sudden I see the following:

You first think that this is not my brother’s account (especially because his name is Ultimate9011 or Pinkie Pie / Princess Molestia, which is now Pinkie Pie – Lulz). Challenger90188 is super old (YouTube account is created around 2008-2009) and was Rico’s original username. But now I feel sad for myself, because while I get tons of respect online, it seems that Rico gets the fame (for a day, until his top comment is replaced.)

Rico gets more excited when he sees another top comment (from him) and he starts saying, “I must be dreaming. I don’t know what’s happening but I feel famous.”

Unfortunately all of his fame is gone, because by the next day a new top comment arose. Rico started a ragequit, asking me, “Why did he delete my comment?” But the user didn’t delete it and Rico was so crazy about this shenanigan that he sent a message about the comment. The user then didn’t respond. I told him, “A new top comment will be there every day. So shut the f*ck up and get outta here. My turn!”

So now what is he doing? Now he is making sure that he types comments and gains more fame and thumbs. Sadly, this goal will not last forever.