Concept Logos for 2013

So far I have been working on next year’s works because I would like to “upgrade” from this year quickly and not have to worry. Before Creepster. Ace, Rico, and I played 3 hour game of Baseball at a small field nearby a park I decided working on the Creepster’s Lair logo. Unfortunately due to the close down of Shadow Infinite the new logo and design will not be created. In addiiton to this, HibbleLand (Rico’s site) will not have a logo change, because I think it’s fine. But then again, I’m not going to edit their content, just the design and that’s that! Okay I do revise their work but definitely not clear it out.

If you seen the 2013 Creepster’s Lair concept logo at the home page, it should look a little bit like this:

Now there’s one thing that I am going to make different.

For instance, Creepster’s Lair’s logo will not be that big. It looks really good in my opinion and it definitely fits (if you think about it). Colors might be different and it is uncertain whether I will add a skull or not. But that’s all in the works!

The plans of designing could be based on this logo which is a good thing, because I am now able to visualize my upcoming design for the site. By the way, Creepster’s Lair’s template was based off another site, and back then I didn’t have much of the skills to create my own original, originally, so, yeah.

Today I have piano practice for a be special “something” at Ohio so I am not able to tell you everything so far. Also, I want to try Mass Effect 3 and play it. My friends are telling me that it is a great game. Only a few of them have it but most don’t. I will ask my bro if I can post the game vid at his site. LOL.