Considerably Even More “Agitated”

It’s April 3rd 2012 right now and today should be the day when my cousins come here. Mom said that since they will leave (or they left) at 4:00 AM in the morning, they should be at our house between 2-4:00 PM in the afternoon today, during me and my brother’s music classes (Rico plays violin while I play piano, and we’re really ain’t-so super-great at doing it.) I also know myself because they are from Maryland, and I have been there around 3-5 times. Since driving there takes 9-12 hours, I had the idea they would come around by that time. Plus they are not on an airplane.

What should we do throughout the day? Well, depending on how much time (they will stay for a day, one before, or two: one before and after the Kalahari Waterpark). This is what mom, Rico and I have in mind. Because grandma just plays along and dad is going to work (for this day, the next day he will be available), they don’t count.

  • Red — Go to an outlet, eat somewhere, and Lazer Tag
  • Rico — Play at an arcade, eat somewhere
  • Edna (mom) — Stay at home and eat, Lazer Tag

This day and the next is going to be very exciting. I asked some of my friends that are coming tomorrow, “Can’t you wait?” or “Ready for the next trip?” While Ace replied, “I have to anyway LOL,” Creepster replied something like, “I can’t sleep because I can’t wait.”

It seems that 18 will be swimming, and 22 will be coming. Mom said that because we don’t have the efficient amount of money necessary to truly pay for the Entertainment Villa, Mom unfortunately downgraded us to a Village Suite. It’s much like an Entertainment Villa but with only one story (not literally). She also said we will be sleeping on the couches (the younger people are), and the adults are sleeping on the bed. Very sad to me and it seems stupid for the kids to sleep on the floor while the adults get their own room with a nice comfty bed and its own TV–a room where they have–nevermind.

We will leave around 6:00 AM, likely, but not certain, because the waterpark opens at 10:00 AM, and you know, we have to make it worth it. Let’s, at least, watch a movie or two, after the swim.

This is going to be exciting–and it’s only the beginning.