Cougleiala Report: The Daemons of the Land

Diablo III: Diablo is in Heaven
Diablo manages to reach the realm of the angels.

Racism is a byproduct of supremacy. Sexism stems from chauvinist arrogance. Greed is an inherent evil that attacks any person, and it attacks all lifeforms that possess the nature of a human being. It has been almost a century since the last Great War in Cougleiala, and time’s effect of recovery still has not overtaken these fundamental evils. Cougleiala is suffering still. Racial discrimination, patriarchism and their effects may be set to perish in the height of my generation, but evil mutates yet again into new forms: the exaggerated campaign for the acceptance of homosexuality (The Battle of New Sexuality) and religious discrimination (The Battle of Religious Supremacy).

Firstly, it has become extremely hard for gay people to come out of their closets, but it wasn’t the case in times past. Back in the day, they assumed the forms of religious ministers and oracles to the spiritual realm, but nowadays they are viewed as the population that should have never been born—a miasma that is rapidly growing, a malignant tumor that could potentially be the new version of humanity: its evolution. Also, they have assumed high positions of power in the State and Religion’s rungs of authority to prove the strength of their kind. As an effect, the anger of gays that was once righteous is now refined and exacted for revenge; not only are they claiming their proper place in history, but they are also stealing the achievements that the straight populations’ genii have worked their whole lives for.

Secondly, the founding religion of Cougleiala has fallen. And so they say that evil has scaled the heavens and wrought confusion upon the allies of the Good. Taking figures from Gaea’s Angelic mythology to carefully classify the terrible acts that have become rampant, I will use the names of the Daemons to describe the situation that has unraveled as of late. I shall attempt to paraphrase the reports gathered by our loyal Field Inquisitors in a manner that exemplifies the gravity of the times:

“I am delighted to relay the news that Lucifer, the Harbinger of Pride, has fallen once again, but the issue that is worsening as of now stems from his Bull of Infallibility #2013AD, an order that releases, ad aeternam, Asmodeus the Father of Lust, Beelzebub Lord of Lies, and Mammon the Sentinel of Materialism and Greed. Thankfully, Leviathan’s regiment of envy has weakened to a state that only the most unwitting youth fall prey to them. Mammon has dealt the worst damages to Cougleiala by placing a powerful enchantment of horrendous bubble bursts on the country’s currency, encouraging its leaders to tear their own roles apart from the whole: the politicians stand disunited; the fallen Collegials separating from the main authority in numerous small factions that disagree with each other as the Grand Religious Leader continues the vain bottom-kissing effort of ecumenism to hopefully regain the old Separatists; the homosexual avengers that successfully secured their right to religious matrimony who are now attempting to win the nomination to even higher religious vocations and military offices alike.

“It was a truly noble thought to free the foreign Slaves of their shackles and set everyone equal to the eyes of the Law, but the politicians are now forcing Scripturalists into the mix. Unfortunately these Scripturalists are three hundred years set backwards, and what’s worse is that they are fatally branded with the stigma of terrorism. The greed spell set by Mammon is so powerful that the financial relief originally intended for the poorest undeveloped countries fall to the genocidal babboons that lead the said lands, and that the aid supposedly for broken Cougleialan families is taken advantage of by the country’s opportunist poor by breaking up their own marriages for a better financial well-being; and the aid that was for developing cures for the most incurable diseases is mostly pocketed by so-called personal charity companies that are really owned by the same politicians that continually evade the Tax of the Land and hold the oil barges un-anchored to artificially raise the price of the fuels that power the motion of our vehicles worldwide.