Daniel Anzaldo: Trump Playing “Right Kind of Devil’s Advocate”


“Despite [Red’s] clear preference for Trump the lesser evil, [his] argument is very balanced. Let’s make a few things clear, shall we?

First of all, to take guns away from the people is clearly stepping on an inalienable right, and it gives the government the additional freedom of silencing opposition by murder, on top of the already existing mechanisms of stupidifying the masses by social media and the reduction of the quality of education.

Next is the fact that if we subject ourselves to a narcissistic tyrant, the noble work of recovery from Hitler’s school of discrimination would be in great risk of being undone. Unfortunately, in the current absence of the sense of family, morals and religion, we could actually use the tyrant to fix these basic elements of a functional country that we completely lost in the time of peace after the reign of the rebellious postwar generation. We could use a bit of unity and more capitalism if we are to pull our civilization back from the shithole we are currently in. It’s common knowledge that we should never pamper sinners with sweet and sneaky words if they are to learn a lesson properly.

Trump will not, let me reiterate, he will not make America great again; he leaves that role to us by playing the right kind of Devil’s Advocate that will cause Us, the People, to stand up from the ashes with noble people who will truly make our nation great again.”

What most* people don’t realize is that Trump is the consequence of a failed democracy. If you wonder why Duterte has successfully become the current president of the Philippines, it’s because the candidates who opposed him were robotic, corrupt, and immoral (I’d exclude Miriam Santiago, but I would need to further research on her before making the claim that she is clean). Once a country reaches to a low point in politics, its people will resort to following outsiders, regardless of their stupidity. I can guarantee you that Donald Trump or Rody Duterte would not succeed as candidates in a healthy, prosperous democracy. And I agree with Daniel’s statement that Trump is rather playing the “right kind of devil’s advocate”. While he won’t make America great again, his lunacy might contribute to a rise of a new America. A Trump presidency might wake citizens up and force them to witness the kind of fuckup that they had made.