Duterte and the Freedom of Information Act


This bill is essential to fighting corruption within the Philippine government, and now it’s being passed. I have been waiting for this to pass during the PNoy administration, but they’ve never passed it then. In just a few weeks, we’ve seen a huge crackdown on officials linked to illegal drug trade, discipline towards those officials (recently, Quezon officers linked to illegal drugs have been reassigned to Mindanao, the most dangerous region in the Philippines), a significant boost in productivity in rebuilding our infrastructure (they’re eyeing work on our infrastructure 24/7 and have raised spending on infrastructure up to 7%, according to Inquirer.net), and the soon-to-be passing of the Freedom of Information Act. Most Americans and international human rights activists may despise him–some of them calling him the “Trump of Asia” or “Trump of the East” because his policies are highly controversial–but so far I really like what he’s doing.

Change really is coming.