Extra Updates [10]

This is my latest “extra update” since two years ago; this is also my latest blog post since almost a year ago. There are a various number of things that I have done and have been doing–and yes, this does include school work–and additionally there are some projects that I have been developing for my friends and family. And when I meant “projects,” I was really saying websites.

To start, I have just recently finished designing and developing the all-new official Redrikko website, along with the Redrikko Journal. I transferred all of the complete information into the new website already, but I have yet to enter in older posts from my classic website. The Redrikko Journal, I’d say, is considered a “subsidiary” of Redrikko. You might be thinking that the Redrikko Journal is some other blogging website. Wrong. Also known as the RR Journal which you might have noticed, the Redrikko Journal will enter in the latest news, information, and reviews. I’m not really saying that I’m going to release it on this date, but I will be making a bold prediction: all of the posts should be on this website by the end of October, or a couple of days before Halloween.

So what does this mean when I already finished the development of Redrikko? Well, first of all, I have already finished a website that I publicly announced that it would be released on December 27, 2014, my 7th anniversary of web building (this excludes coding and actual developing, which I officially started on February 22, 2010). Current services such as Redpaint will be shut down by New Year’s and current small organizations including the Red Foundation will be disbanded on New Year’s. Will I be keeping their websites up? I don’t have a website for Red Foundation, and a website for it was never completed, but Redpaint’s website will be up, and will likely be a “filler” for some new 2015 services.

Next in my list of projects is the official website of the Isang Binhi Ensemble. They paid me $27.00 on August, but never paid me since. It’s not that I’m demanding money as soon as possible, it’s just that they promised–yes promised–me that they would pay monthly. This is kind of a downer because I was going to pay for hosting once I receive enough money.

I received a little bit of heat for failing to realize that responsiveness or fluid layouts should be required or mandatory for all websites. That’s why I decided to fix the layout. The new development of the website hasn’t began yet, and I won’t start it until I, once again, re-post all older entries from my classic Webs.com website. On what should’ve been released during the date of Isang Binhi’s 5th anniversary will now be released during Isang Binhi’s Christmas party, which is ultimately going to take place on December 20, 2014.

ZariZari is a website that I have tried building for my dad. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been working out lately mostly because my dad has absolutely no clue whatsoever what to sell! Just ask me this: what is the point of making a website when you have no clue what to sell? Dad responded that he doesn’t have anything to sell and that he’d sell if I made some art and graphics. First of all, my artistic talents do not match to those with caliber visuals and designs, and secondly, none of us in the family know how to design above mediocre graphics onto T-shirts. All in all, will ZariZari’s development ever continue. At this rate the answer is “no,” and at this point of time, when school is in session and the amount of homework I receive is rising, ZariZari is considered a project that my dad and I really failed on.

And so that is pretty all of the projects that I have undergoing. Now of course I have plenty of school projects, which includes modeling and using Ti-Nspire and some other software like that, but while I try to finish those with the daily homework that I am regularly assigned, I have been spending hours and hours working on the projects that make me feel like I’m not actually working when really I am.