Extra Updates [6]

Much of what I have to say is about some parts of the internet I’m connected to, but also is about the opening of HibbleLand, and the renovations of my website, Shadow Infinite, and Creepster’s Lair.

I joined Twitter today, and a minute later 1 person started following me. I tweeted at least 5-6 times at the same time. YouTube–well, unless I have some vids, why would I need one? I changed the background and designs for Facebook, Twitter, and my site.

Speaking of my site, I added a new background. But that’s really much I renovated. Somebody nice today told me it was a wonderful design. While my design has much of its flaws, it was pretty much, in my opinion, the best design I made yet. Creepster’s Lair and Shadow Infinite are so far in a quick halt (not really), because I’m deciding its fate. I’m beginning to think people are going to give up on their past and just move on to their lives. Plus, Creepster and Ace has things to do. You might want to see Creepster still for he’s uploading new videos. I’m going to help him with the videos. I also told him not to use Windows Movie Maker. First of all, it sucks, and secondly, he has Corel Video Studio so why not use that–I heard it was good. I have Sony Vegas Pro–and in my opinion you can do much more with it than others.

Shadow Infinite and Creepster’s Lair does need a renovation, to say the least–I have been working on their design based on some templates but I’m beginning to realize that what I made wasn’t really original. If possible, Shadow Infinite and Creepster’s Lair will be revamped–a lot. And that’s all I can say. What about HibbleLand?

I have been telling many others from around the internet to visit this incomplete site. I’m still working on it and so far I believe it’s really nice, and so is the site builder. Check it out, and visit some of my bro’s other connected sites–Twitter (his page isn’t really updating), YouTube (that also), and Facebook (okay I don’t know about that, but oh well.)

Visit it: http://www.tf2hideout.webs.com/