Extra Updates [7]

I didn’t do much in the Red Encabo Official Website Blog, but today I am here to tell that I have made minor renovations on the about page. Realizing that there’s too much unnecessary information to post, I removed practically half of the page.

I have just opened my Twitter page two weeks ago for no real purpose but to tweet what’s going on, and I am happy to announce that in the next day 10 people were following me. I actually didn’t expect that, but I give thanks to those people. By the way, if your stuff interests me, I’ll follow you, so maybe something good return will happen if you ever follow me.

So far we haven’t been able to make any real videos, but videos from me will be worked on during the summer or fall. I don’t have anything special going on, and I do not have the time. I really hate the new YouTube Channel Template (in case you or I haven’t noticed), so the fact that making a nice wallpaper for the channel this late time of year will be difficult. But that’s pretty much it.

All of these sites have been on a hiatus or construction. Why have they not been doing anything and what is going on here?

  • Shadow Infinite — Telling Ace that Webs will only allow free users 10 pages, he will stop working on the website. “10 pages for a site is stupid,” he remarked (something like this, not exact). “How can we add new content? Make a new duplicate of the site?” Until Webs brings 20 pages back and we have actual ideas about it, well, Shadow Infinite might be abandoned, closed, or stopped for a while. The grand re-opening has not been a success, except on Creepster’s Lair.
  • Creepster’s Lair — The problem for Shadow Infinite is the same problem for Creepster’s Lair. Creepster told me to make a new duplicate, but it failed to do any good. At the other hand this site is at a halt because Creepster has been busy making videos. The two videos that he uploaded is a series called “Ultimate Retards.” One is a pilot, and another is the second episode. I think it is completely silly, plus it’s kind of (really seriously, a lot) based on Jackass. If he ever wants professional videos, he can always come to me (’cause I’m a geek.)
  • Hibbleland — Hibbleland is basically done, or is it? While Hibbleland only has a home page and a blog, Rico said “that’s the only thing you need, I’ll do the vids.” What’s the point of doing this if all he does is record vids only to “play”?