Extra Updates [8]

I haven’t been using this logo for a really long time, and now it’s time to put it up on the internet.

Big things this and last week happened for me and my brother (AGM, Rally, Microwave, and Practice). Plus tomorrow is half day for me! Thank God I am able to relax for a while, and maybe we could play some volleyball or baseball outside (maybe in fact, watch a baseball game for real).

Social Networking
I am going to join in a couple of new social sites. The first I would like to announce is Buxster. I just felt that it’s right to join. Yes I do hear music and plus Buxster is a really beautiful site (sadly it’s much, much nicer than mine.) but that’s what I have to say. Extra social networks include Buddy Web (joined it a long time ago), and soon enough, I will join YouTube (and if possible, again, WordPress. Or not.)

Reality Check
My mom and I need a new microwave because we have an old one that broke down which is half good and half bad. Bad because it is going to cost us and we can’t cook food at a quick pace, but good because our old microwave sucks and undercooks food. :( So that should remind us about that. But in general, we’ll end up with 2 microwaves (one old, one used but kind of new.)

Also in other news I have gotten a 2nd place position in the contest. I really liked to be 1st but I expected a lower position as I said in the previous blog post. My brother failed. Well, he actually did very well but his dynamics led to his failing and downfall. Happy to be 2nd, though there was 1 person who completely locked the prize.

Practice is coming up and I feel upset waking up in the morning at 8:00 for choir practice. I need to, however, get there on time so I don’t owe late money (a new policy created by Tita Tess and Kuya Aris.) I need to memorize but unfortunately guess who had to fib a bit to get us into much of a schedule?

Shadow Infinite–Done For?
Probably you guys have guessed over the last couple of weeks Aceofshadows (my cousin) stopped working on Shadow Infinite because of the limited number of pages we could use. He asked me if I could try seeing if I could add more than 10 pages. Guess what? It’s the same. As a result, Shadow Infinite might end this year.

Home Alone
My mom and dad will be going to Chicago, IL for an important something so I will be alone along with my brother and grandma (she works around the house because she wants to.) But that’s really much it.