Future 2015: Status, Redpaint, and Other Developments


Thank God that the midterms are finally over. For the first time in two months, I am utterly free of work, and I have all of the time (including Martin Luther King Day) to plan ahead on my summer works and May music compositions.

Before I start the discussion on what will occur in the future, I would like to remind everyone that I know (online or for real)–as well as those who are wondering–that I am not dead online. I may have been off Twii and Hylus for quite some time, but I have been on both for a short while recently (i.e. Twii on Wednesday). I also haven’t posted anything because, with nothing going on due to school, I don’t have much of anything to post. And honestly, nothing has been going on other than holiday events that are actually worth posting. Long story short, am I dead? Nope, I’m still here, but I am not online as frequently as I usually am.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can talk to you about the future plans for the 2015 year.

All services will be discontinued. Redpaint, as you all know, will discontinue its services, and it will end that way. Being only sixteen, I realized that freelance business is more difficult than I thought. The most mature thing I can do regarding Redpaint is to put a hiatus on the entire “experiment” until I attain more knowledge and experience on business and marketing. Yes, many friends and relatives provided me with helpful advice for Redpaint, nevertheless it was insufficient to tackle the primary source of my failure for Redpaint which in fact is marketing. I haven’t advertised my services at all; in fact, I haven’t planned on advertising the thing at all, since the services would be only available locally. With no advertising, I haven’t earned more than customer, therefore not profiting from my own services. Again, it’s best just to put all services to a halt until I feel confident that my skills and experience meet the expectations that I would, well, expect.

Is there going to be a replacement for Redpaint? The answer is no, and that is because like I said, it’s best to put a hiatus until I develop from a designer into a developer.

Redrikko will not get a redesign this year. I have received critical (and I really mean critical)¬†acclaim for the exceptional development of the website. In my opinion, the website has been and still is as of today the best work that I have done, in my entire career as a website designer. With the fact that I haven’t done any coding for over three months now, it wouldn’t be an intelligent idea to revamp the design. My only grudge with Redrikko is that the website has inefficient loading performance, but that will be something I will look over when I redo the design in 2016. That being said, the news page will not get a redesign either, and for the same reasons.

With a lot of work now, freelance coding for me has become a distant memory, but I will have some summer projects up and running. Here are some summer projects that I have in mind.

  • Unidentified Website for Instrumentalists
  • Unidentified Website for a Chorale Group
  • Unidentified Website for an Online Shop

I think you know what the three websites are going to be. That’s right, they are the same from last year. Since I did not have the kind of time I expected in the year of 2014, I temporarily published the websites (excluding the online shop) on Weebly.com. (Remember, the key word here is “temporarily.”) My plans for the three websites this year is to continue from what I have started last year, make them better fit for this year, and publish the three websites before September.

I understand that this is off-topic but I remember when I said I would rather have my websites from scratch then with Weebly and Webs. And yes, I still stand by that point. To be honest, I believe that Weebly is only going to get better. I do not believe that will apply to Webs.com, however.

Although what I mentioned above is off-topic, they could be considered pretty relevant. If I ever happen to leave the current websites as it is, I will apply as much code into the design as possible (on Weebly of course, and I promise). Unfortunately, I am a slow web designer, and overall a slightly slow worker, meaning that it would take one-two months of work rather than a week of work.

So I’m just going to cut the article right here. Nothing this year is going to feature anything flashy–not that I have actually d0ne anything “flashy” with the exception of my personal website. Again, Redpaint’s services are no longer in tact, I will jump back on the process wagon for my three projects from last year, and even though I dislike having to “drag and drop,” I might have to keep several websites as it was from last year, especially if the actual person who wanted the website wanted to manage the content on his or her own.

And this is only part one of my Future 2015 trilogy (even though it is not meant to entertain the viewers).