HibbleLand Videos on the Fritz

Much of as you can see will be discussed about HibbleLand for the third time. This following week we made some minor and major improvements on the site (and added some new feats) but there is one thing that we haven’t succeeded in just yet and that it’s missing: HibbleLand’s videos.

Despite the fact that Creepster is offline making Ultimate Retards a reality, HibbleLand’s Video Galleria is not complete, mainly because we have a couple of issues.

  1. Rico won’t help me with the site nor the videos (even though he and I decided doing this) and he only did the videos only to play.
  2. Rendering the video takes an awfully long time, especially when rendering with Sony Vegas Pro 11. But I do hope that during the later year they do something about their issues such as stabilization rendering (it is worse than Sony Vegas Pro 10) and minor things so then Sony Vegas Pro will be better than itself (and other, you know what.)
  3. Rico will also not take part of anything on HibbleLand. He doesn’t really give a crap about the site but instead of the videos, but he’s not doing anything about it.

Much of the fact that Rico is making this such as big issue for HibbleLand is making HibbleLand only 90% complete. But oh well.

Until we complete this there’s not really much to do in HibbleLand, and that ends it.