HibbleLand’s Opening. Kinda.

HibbleLand is now fully open! Even though Rico and I still don’t have the videos, they will be uploaded to the site for all to see. Now this will be a short and simple post, so listen carefully:

This was edited using the new Webs Site Builder. HibbeLand really consists of mostly linked external pages but it will contain currently a home page, a blog, and a video gallery. Extras will be coming soon. What I am so far thinking of adding is:

  • A new guestbook page, for all to comment
  • A contact page, so in case Rico is offline I can give him a message
  • A forums page, members only, for all TF2 users, fanatics, etc.

Another thing I added was a collection of Pawn Tactics Videos that Rico and I recorded (Rico edited and played it) 1-2 years ago. Yes, only three of them are there, and yes again, you should probably wonder why we have that kind of stuff if HibbleLand is about Team Fortress 2? Rico was curious about it, but then again, he didn’t give a crap.

What I don’t want to hear is that blah blah blah blah My Little Pony and all that sh*t, alright? I’m not going to do anything about it and who does care? Why, I’m just doing this project’s work. I did most of the work, and therefore I get most of the credit (as I said in the home page.)

But then anyways, enjoy this site. This site has no intention of being part of “My Websites” list, because, mainly, Rico made the idea after Destructionatore closed down (by the way, if you realized why Rico came back to Webs, it’s because we made a deal about something…)