KKPM Surveys 2015: “Hard Workers”

All of the KKPM instrumentalists were required to take a short survey during the period that we practiced for the Christmas mass in 2014. Now that I have once again some free time to discuss the next step of band leadership, I have below the eight surveys that were sent to me. For each survey, I will give a personal response on what I think. I will not provide the names.


How do you feel about current leadership?
Great – The current leaders have been successfully educating me on my music while instilling proper discipline.

What are the cons of current leadership?

You know, there is actually room for improvement.

What are the pros of current leadership?
They are very hard wokers. Red always gives updates in his email. Kuya Aris is a very good leader.

What improvements can be made?
Everything is okay with me.

Like I said, there is room for improvement. But that’s okay, I’m guessing that you don’t want us to fix our leadership a bit which I assume you are considering it unbroken.