KKPM Surveys 2015: “Leadership Gets Things Done Faster”

All of the KKPM instrumentalists were required to take a short survey during the period that we practiced for the Christmas mass in 2014. Now that I have once again some free time to discuss the next step of band leadership, I have below the eight surveys that were sent to me. For each survey, I will give a personal response on what I think. I will not provide the names.


How do you feel about current leadership?
Okay – Sometimes I believe that they are doing a fantastic job, but sometimes I just want to smash my head into a brick wall when they frustrate me.

What are the cons of current leadership?
It’s more the band as a whole that struggles. We have trouble focusing and coming together to play a song together.

I would like to learn about the cons of our leadership instead of the cons of the band as a whole, but okay.

What are the pros of current leadership?
The leadership gets things done faster, especially when the members know that if we have time at the end we can usually play games or eat food. Listening to audio and noteflight help a lot too.

Here is one con you can put in now that you mentioned listening to audio: bring speakers to practice every single week.

What improvements can be made?
More understanding if people can’t make it to practice on time… etc bad roads

Here’s what–if you tell us that the roads are bad before you arrive, maybe we won’t be as pissed. If you don’t tell us ahead of time and you do come late, how do you think we will feel wasting thirty minutes after 9:00 am just for you to arrive? Pretty pissed, right? My advice to you and myself is to understand the conditions of the roads before driving there, because we can’t just assume that we’ll be there in a few minutes with moderate traffic.