KKPM Surveys 2015: “Not Familiar With Instruments”

All of the KKPM instrumentalists were required to take a short survey during the period that we practiced for the Christmas mass in 2014. Now that I have once again some free time to discuss the next step of band leadership, I have below the eight surveys that were sent to me. For each survey, I will give a personal response on what I think. I will not provide the names.


How do you feel about current leadership?
Okay – Sometimes I believe that they are doing a fantastic job, but sometimes I just want to smash my head into a brick wall when they frustrate me.

What are the cons of current leadership?
– The leaders aren’t very familiar with all of the instruments (fingering, etc.) so they can’t help the students in that way.
– They sometimes joke around.

You are right with both of these things. Remember when Alex was the leader of the KKPM Mini Orchestra? He was familiar with the majority of the instrumentalists’ instruments. But he jokes around A LOT. It’s not a bad thing, but does keep everyone off track. We do joke around sometimes, but how much compared to previous leadership? *wink*

What are the pros of current leadership?
– They make the music for us.
– They show up.
– They are able to transpose.
– They have band/piano experience.

No not really, there’s a button on Noteflight that says “Concert notes” or something like that and if you uncheck it, it transposes the entire sheet properly.

Darren has band experience but has little piano experience. I have piano experience but little band experience (Isang Binhi does not really count, but DSO does and it’s my first year there.)

What improvements can be made?
We usually focus on the right rhythm, notes, etc., but we should also focus on the more musical stuff like intonation and style. Yes, you probably are thinking “We can’t even get the right notes and rhythms, how are we going to work on the more advanced stuff?!” but idk the answer. I’m just sayin’. I was pressured into filling this out, so don’t get angry at me (if you find out who I am).

Darren has been focusing on intonation THE MOST. If you have seen him leading the group, you will notice that he calls the entire band out for rhythm and pitching.

Yes, I was thinking “We can’t even get the right notes and rhythms, how are we going to work on the more advanced stuff?!” However, if you don’t know the answer, might as well not put this quote in, haha.

It’s a survey, and no one is mad that you have something for us to improve on.