KKPM Youth Choir: The 10/17 Update


October 18, 2014 will be the day of our first mandatory KKPM Mini Orchestra practice.

I don’t want to be a harsh critic but my mom told me that the band itself is receiving a lot of criticism. For the third consecutive month in a row, she insisted that the band should be disbanded. Additionally, some choir members are complaining about the noise the band is making, stating that the band is messing up their tempo. To avoid this in December, we will need to step up, and practice consistently.

As you know there will be a funeral tomorrow while we are practicing so it is important that we keep quiet. Tita Tess has emailed Darren, Tito Tony and I that we need to make it so that the KKPM group won’t receive any behavioral criticism tomorrow.

Practice starts at 9:00 pm, but all members are required to arrive 10 minutes before. Remember that this practice is mandatory, and everyone is required to come.

Darren Juco due to PSAT Testing Until Noon
Darren is taking a PSAT test tomorrow, and even though he said he will arrive late, I know when the PSAT is about done, and he won’t be able to arrive in enough time before practice ends, so I do not expect him to come to practice tomorrow.

Everyone else is required!

At a minimum, Phillip should return tomorrow, and 1-4 new cello players should arrive as well. I have his music transposed correctly, and so hopefully he will be able to perform better than last year… even though he didn’t exactly perform.

We will be practicing these four songs for two weeks. No new songs will come out until Week 3.

Pasko Na

Pamaskong Anyaya

Noong Paskong Una


The new 2014 arrangements should involve the drums (Gerrard) in it, so hopefully he is able to play… fully.

Tita Tess, Kuya Aris, Darren, and Tito Tony: Please send to the following people in which I DO NOT HAVE email addresses for: David Daher, Dio Palaspas, Gene Flores, and Gerrard Flores.

Kuya Alex: Now that you have returned to the KKPM choir, I would really appreciate it if you’d “rock and roll” in the band for real this time. (In a nutshell, can you play the guitar for this Christmas?)