Major Design Revamping

I redesigned my website starting two days ago, and I think the revamp made it look better than before. It was kind of major, but the previous look looked outdated, and there were some things that were out of sync, including the headers, search bar (especially button), colors, and footer. So, what of course did I add?

I definitely redesigned the search bar, because it looked horrible. The search bar can be seen especially in the blog. It’s a little too big, though, but less padding (when I tested it) didn’t look as good as I expected. So I kept it like that. Second, I removed the container background and bigcontain background so it would fit with the site’s wallpaper. The previous template looked like a rectangle because the wallpaper’s color was mainly #111, and the container’s BG was #000. Sidebars were edited as well and I increased the lightness of the black color from #000 to #080808. Third of all, the blog was revamped. The buttons were misplaced, and to fit the buttons with the theme I changed not only the buttons, but the blog headers using/based on the “All Things Red” header to fit the theme. Footer headers had the same perspective.

I removed the logos of the site because they were taking in too much space for this site and its current bandwidth. But when we get more bandwidth by upgrading, plus a dot com domain, we can add a little extra, but with my budget I can’t afford to really pay for this “expense.”

So, to conclude, do you like the look? I didn’t fix or revamp 100% of the design. So far I had a few comments saying it looked really cool or nice. Thank you for the response. But wait!!!

I’m going to invite a couple of people to type for my blog. If you do know me well, you will have the chance to do so. Rules will be sent by email!

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