My Case Between Trump and Clinton

An overdue question that I felt had to be answered, people wanted to know from me my decision on the two major candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, that is, if I had no other choice. Now I will be answering the question today in this article.

Before we get to the chase, I would like to state that this is not an endorsement piece–I truly despise the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate. While Gary Johnson isn’t a perfect libertarian let alone candidate, for me he’s the better choice between the two, and now I can truly get behind him knowing that he’s the only third party candidate to be on the ballot on all fifty states. Friends–whether conservative or liberal–have urged me to maintain my support for him, even if he disgusted me with some of his comments (such as his opinion on Hillary’s email scandal, and how maybe–just maybe–we don’t have to abolish the TPP and the IRS). Therefore there’s no way in hell I’m supporting either of the two.

Who would I vote for if I was eligible to: an allegedly racist fearmongering nutjob with nutjob ideas or a proven corrupt lying nutjob with nutjob ideas? I would probably have to go with–*sigh* fuck me–the man himself, Donald J. Trump.


If you want to be pissed off at me for having an opinion, please direct message me on Twitter and we can discuss about it. Or go on Buzzfeed, AJ+, or NowThis to reiterate to yourself that Trump is just a hateful piece of shit. If you want to open your mind, have some nuance, and see some of the valid points I have in my case for Trump vs. Clinton, continue reading.

“If he becomes president, he’ll ban all Muslims from entering the country.” This might not be true for the most part. His proposed ban on Muslims won’t pass, especially under a Democrat-leaning congress. Many of his outlandish ideas probably won’t pass, especially under a Democratic-leaning Congress. Let me say that, for the most part, most Democrats, Conservatives (I can’t be so sure about them), and third-party members have the morality and common sense to not even push for Trump’s ludicrous immigration and anti-terrorism policies, even those as perhaps discriminatory and “hateful” as a temporary ban on Muslims. Ultimately, we’ll never see some of his idiotic policies be enforced–that’s what I think at least will happen.

Trump’s foreign policies are slightly less interventionist than Hillary’s, although they’re still pretty bad, such as wanting to kill ISIS families and drop out of the Geneva Conventions. I have yet to hear anything remotely isolationist or non-interventionist from Hillary Clinton. Many of her speeches–yes, I waste several hours listening to them–have encouraged continual combating of terrorism and dictatorship in the Middle East. I’m pretty sure everybody is tired of our soldiers going into war because of our politicians’ fear mongering, incompetence, and narrow-mindedness. And, for the record, Hillary Clinton would probably accept an endorsement from *ahem* war criminal Henry Kissinger, given their apparently strong ties.

“I happen to believe that Henry Kissinger was one of the most destructive secretaries of state in the modern history of this country,” Sanders huffed, adding, “I will not take advice from Henry Kissinger.”

As a claimed conservative, Donald Trump won’t confiscate your guns. I for one have supported gun control reform through due process and enhancing background checks, and so I found many who oppose reform on gun control ridiculous to some extent, mostly because they believe it’s a kind way of saying “we’re going to take away your weapons”. Hillary proposed “common sense gun reform”, but a YouTube video from InfoWars has shown otherwise: in the video, a Clinton delegate discussed how all of her supporters would eat up the fact that they propose moderate gun control when realistically they don’t. And get this: she has publicly shown interest in a ban of weapons.

Again, I support gun control to some extent, but I really hope Hillary understands that 1) gun stores cannot and should not be held accountable for any death by guns, and 2) anything can become a weapon. Remember the machete attack in Germany? And, as a country which has very strict gun legislation, Germany has still experienced mass shootings. Maybe… just maybe… it’s not the object.

Donald Trump won’t pander. He has spoken consistently (yeah, that’s new) about combating against political correctness. Sometimes, fighting political correctness can be a good thing. If we want to solve anything, we have to use facts, not feelings. In the way that Donald Trump is attempting to fight political correctness, some may claim otherwise, and I agree. But personally I’d like to consider having human decency and respect as common sense, rather than being politically correct. For far too long, nonetheless, we have seen Hillary pander to millennials, Muslims, African Americans, despite enforcing policies that have hurt them instead.

She did the fucking whip on The Ellen Show. If that’s not pandering, I don’t know what is.

Yeah, I hate it when she does this shit.

Fuck it. Here’s five minutes of her pandering.

Now here’s her lying for thirteen minutes straight. (However, that doesn’t exempt Trump from the fact that he flip flops and lies too.)

What really helped me make my decision on Trump vs. Clinton was the perspectives of both Republicans and Democrats. Most of the Republicans have called Hillary Clinton out for her consistent BS, lies, and corruption. Most of the Democrats have called Donald Trump out for his cynicism, stupidity on national television, outlandish remarks, “bullying of other opponents”, and lack of political substance. What has really irked me about the authoritarian left (also known as the social justice warriors), was, however, the fact that they couldn’t criticize Donald Trump on his policies, but rather on his comments on Muslims, African Americans, movements, people, etc. They tend to ignore the fact that Clinton has approved of policies that hurt minorities and people of color and attack Trump because what he might say is incredibly offensive. Just ignore how horrible Hillary Clinton is–we have to vote against Trump because, “Man, he’s just so fucking hateful! What an orange piece of shit buffoon!”

Actions speak louder than words.

Most importantly, and last but not least, Trump is neither Republican or Democrat–he’s a populist. I bet if that a Democrat-majority was elected into Congress, he’ll pass liberal policies, as long as it’s appealing the majority of Americans. He has flip flopped on several issues, and it has been like that for decades. We can conclude that the guy is mysterious, and we are not officially sure what he will do if he becomes president. With Trump, we can say for one that he may not pass policies such as punishing women for having abortions and opening up libel laws to sue journalists; with Clinton, we probably do.

That being said, I’d rather have neither. Donald Trump has displayed himself as an ignoramus most of the time, even without the media narrative. His immigration policies would bring us deeper into debt, given that he wants to deport all illegal immigrants in a few years and build a new wall. His strategy to combat terrorism is incredibly regressive, since he wants to use failed interrogation tactics such as waterboarding, kill families, and bring back the death penalty. But what I’d like to really emphasize nonetheless is how some of his endorsements are coincided with the establishment–Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, Mike Pence, etc. If he’s so anti-establishment as he claims, why are some of the most authoritarian and corrupt politicians supporting him?

They’re both awful, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be the Donald.