My Winter Break: Castle Crashers

As you know it’s a couple of days until much of my Winter Break is over. Right now, I can hear Rico play Castle Crashers with Creepster. While Ultimate9011 (or Rico if you did’n’t know since the ever first written thing about him) is level 62 or 63, Creepster is level 78. I don’t know if he can continue to level up but all I know is that he has complete strength, defense, magic, and agility. If you don’t like Castle Crashers well then you didn’t try it (I guess) or that you probably suck at the game. Well, this is what happened today.

I woke up realizing Rico was playing Castle Crashers with Creepster. He asks me, “Hey Red, you wanna play?” I said, “What the f*ck I just woke up!”, tired. Well, I just played anyway. Eating pizza while playing video games is fun. As you can see, I easily was awake 10 minutes later.

Ace left the game and Rico finally defeats Creepster in some one-on-one battle. I mean, Creepster wins all the time. Rico started dancing with joy.

To make this short, nobody “cared about me.” Why and how? Well, when I died in the game, and when Rico is also killed, Who gets healed first? Rico. Or Robert. It’s completely naive.

We never gotten to the defeat of that insanely impossible cyclops. Muliple times that we heal each other we never seem to make it. Creepster is doing most of the work. While I continue getting killed, running in circles, Ultimate9011 is desperately trying to heal me, yet laughing. Then Ultimate9011 dies. Then Creepster to the rescue! Man it’s a whole new problem we are facing in Castle Crashers INSANE MODE.24