My Winter Break: Wednesday

So how is my break going? Pretty good. It’s actually much more of the same and I am busy (or not busy) with much of my things at the agenda but then again it’s fine. I’m not working on my sites for a while, because first, I want to plan for this summer, and secondly, I am working on other things (maybe such as video games skills.)

What did I do and what will I be doing? We celebrated Aceofshadows’s birthday on Friday last week, had Phillip come to our house on Saturday, went to Laser Quest on Sunday, busy scheduling on both Monday and Tuesday, and today Creepster hanged out at our house for a while. So, things have been going on lately. I mean, even today, I was playing Madden 12 on the PS3 against Creepster. Here’s how the game went.

He scored the first point, with a probable 20-30 yard touchdown. It was 0-7 Creepster. I did a Hail Mary and in only less than a minute we were back to even, 7-7 all. He then scored another touchdown this time with a quick pass, and decided going for the 2-point conversion. He failed, making the score 7-13 Creepster. But you should know I did another Hail Mary to get back on him, so it became 14-13, me.

The next and very last touchdown until the 3rd quarter for Creepster gave him his last 6 points for the 1st quarter. He tried another 2-point conversion to regain his lost point but again failed. So, the overall was 14-19. Creepster.

When I’m mentioning all the time that Creepster makes touchdowns, I always strike back. Just by doing another field goal gave me a two-point lead, 21-19. In the next 20 minutes or so, he failed to score points and his bad luck is coming his way. One example of such bad luck in a game might be the failing of his team’s catches. Is it just the game or himself? I ended up scoring 35 more points in the same quarter. If you wonder how much I score it’s because each quarter was 10 minutes.

It was the 3rd quarter and it was 63-19. Creepster intercepted a pass and in 4 minutes gotten his 3rd to last touchdown. I scored the last touchdown for the third, leading 70-26.

In the fourth quarter, his bad luck probably came back. This is because his hail marys always failed, and mine always succeeds. That could be one reason why I gained 35 more points, leading 105-39. I never scored so much, and 105 points was sweet. Creepster was actually a decent player. If I could remember the previous matches I might be just ahead:

  1. Red Encabo: 15
    Rico Encabo: 14
  2. Red Encabo: 28
    Rico Encabo: 21
  3. Red Encabo: 21
    Rico Encabo: 7
  4. Red Encabo: 28
    Phillip Drum: 14

Creepster always scored and won against Rico, and Ace. Never you forget that Creepster and Phillip are enemies of each other. Creepster mocked Phillip saying “anyone could be better at this game than Phillip.”

So that says it. He came to our house because he wanted to and everyone in his house was out. We all went to Subway and walked home in the cold weather. It wasn’t really cold, admittingly.