One Birthday, One Milestone

Happy birthday to Aceofshadows! Today is February 17 and it’s his birthday, if you can agree with me. There’s really nothing I can think about. Just all I know is that I want to talk about this.

Don’t forget, what I forgot to say yesterday (due to the unavailability of myself, in which I missed February 15, 2012 to update), is, well, Creepster’s Lair’s 4th year here at Webs. The is one long milestone. While I do not have the time and energy to sufficiently update here, I would like to announce how “amazingly, ultimately, incredibly, beyond cool, literally awesomely” this is. Creepster’s Lair is a free, dying place to settle.

What will we be doing? Well, Rico, my mom and I are thinking of a good and decent present. I remember last time when he told me two things (or one of the two) that he wanted. Ace texted me on the phone whether to give him 2 PSN cards or some random gift card (you know, the same thing Rico gotten.) Mom didn’t like the decision, and said that “If you ever want him to get it, you have to pay for it. Whatever I give as a gift people need to be thankful for.”

This sunday we will be playing Lazer Tag. Me and my bro are going but not any of my family members. I do remember the time when we played Lazer Tag. I wasn’t very talented at that game, in fact, I really sucked (but I did not suck as much.) The only time I ever gotten to 1st place was when I kept “spawn-killing” my brother and my other cousin, Creepster. Man, they kept talking about things but they told me to stop killing them because it was unfair. Everytime I kept getting hit I took a big fit, and in my opinion those were the immaturity of my ways before I started working on my sites.

One of those favorite games Aceofshadows liked was Skyrim. I told him about it, but he already knew. I told him how to “get it for free,” and with my guidance he was able to do it himself. (Plus, he was easier to handle, because, mainly, whenever Creepster wants help, he asks me some of those questions that takes about my whole shift.

But again, happy birthday to Aceofshadows! He needs a time of respect for a once-in-a-lifetime moment, if you know what I mean.