Rico Unsatisfied With Hay N’ Oats

This is considered to be a short blog post so yeah, nothing special except about yesterday. 8)

I am super bored so far to this day and I wanted to help others do things.

Well, the last couple of weeks Rico, you know he’s my brother and all that, changed his user name to “I eat hay and oats. Vegetarian.” I though it was funny, and he said, “It’s what I do.” This “inspiration” got me to make a new site: it’s called Hay N’ Oats.

Again I used SB3 (Site Builder 3 in case you haven’t noticed) to build the site, and so far I’m near to complete with the home page. When Rico found out about the site (well I told him to check it out), he was happy, nor was he mad.

“Doesn’t it look great?” I asked him.

“Yeah, so,” Rico answered. “It’s not that great. Plus what did I tell you about–”

“Okay, okay, okay!!!” I yelled.

“You got the point,” Rico said. “Only when I tell you to work on the site that you are going to build the site.”

Yeah, speaking of that, only 1% says he’s going to do it.