The First Six Tiring Months Almost Over

Life for the first six months of 2012 is almost over, and I feel much better about this because, now, summer is coming our way, no practicing or any of that boring “have-to-wake-up-early” crap and etcetera. Now that the end for all work and no play is near, let me remind you what I am going to do during the summer and what is going to happen in the aftermath:

Shadow Infinite Coming Back? Or Not?
This isn’t much of a deal because no one is working on it anyways, but Shadow Infinite will not be deleted or removed from However, there will be no more support from us and any member deciding to join after May 4, 2012 will have their membership declined. Yeah, so Shadow Infinite is a dead site, but it is accessible. Shadow Infinite (by May 5, 2012) became of the Vintage Sites collection, a collection of sites (with the help of myself, that is) that are two years old. It is unknown whether we should reopen it again, but there is no message coming out so far.

AGM, Gone. KKPM, Gone. School, Gone. Everything Stressful, Gone.
Thank God summer is finally here. The stress of waking up early, and even in the weekends, is practically over. I might need to finish a couple of quizzes, tests, and we have one more thing to practice in the KKPM before the summer break, but that is pretty much it. I get to sleep late, wake up late, and relax and sit on the computer as long as I want to. Kinda.

Florida at December 2012
The ultimately next trip is at Florida. Mom announced that the trip will begin during Winter Break at December maybe around Christmas. I don’t know what will really happen. So far what we are hearing is that we will stay at Disneyworld, and that’s it. The end.