The OMG Factor: Destructionatore Ends

Breaking News: Destructionatore will officially close by this date–February 11, 2012.

February 22, 2008 – February 11, 2012

Unable to reach his fourth year at Webs, he feels that Webs is no longer good. I asked him if I should work on his site much longer, and he replied, “No. I HATE Webs every since you deleted my once-awesome site. So instead, just leave it or delete it.” It is I that I have to blame. In the late period of 2008, I downgraded his site. He became mad, saying to me that “he can’t work under these circumstances.” But in other words, what will he be doing now?

He said that he wanted to make a collage Team Fortress 2 videos, but only to upload the playlist to YouTube. He has not been using his YouTube for a long period of time, only using it to watch adult content (well, not adult, adult content.) Destructionatore also said that since he is a premium Team Fortress 2 user, he will be trading and idling with others. At the same time, he said he will play for a real purpose, and at that–he will trade some his useless or already have weapons for other benefits.

To remember the times of Destructionatore, let me go back to the times when Destructionatore actually works on his site.

In February 15, 2008, Creepster opened his first and only site. I told Destructionatore, “See, what do you know? [He] made his own site, and you’re the one left out.”

“Let me try then,” Rico said. He tried it and continued to work on it. But then on September 2008, he probably blew a fuse. When I confessed to him that I ‘screwed with his site and made it HTML-only, Destructionatore placed his head down, only hoping this wouldn’t happen. He made a new site, called Secretzs, and I ruined the project using member-stuff and all that crap. Then, by that case, Rico says, “Making sites is getting boring. Just delete it.”

Rico decided quitting Webs, and came back to edit his old site on October 11, 2011. Nothing really new was typed, and he told me to delete it.

“Why don’t you like to edit sites?” I asked him.
“Because it’s gay,” Rico answered.
“For real Rico,” I told him. “Why? How is it gay?”
“It’s not fun.”

That really and truly explains everything here. Destructionatore ends his 3-year (or 4-year) career at Webs.