Valentines Day Updates [Extra Updates 5]


Happy Valentine’s Day! There are many things in about 30 minutes that we have to receive to you so we need to discuss this pretty quick. This is one of the things you need to know:

Creepster & I decided to cancel the premium site. We are very close to the goal (though not as close as you think), with 348 coins so far and we would like to use that to actually spend it on extra stuff such as unlimited pages. I have 150 coins for myself, but that wouldn’t stick with the topic. Anyways, we canceled it. Tomorrow, however, is Creepster’s Lair’s 4th Anniversary. There won’t be any party nor partying for this year. We do not have time, and secondly, next year will be even bigger.

I did start on the Isang Binhi website, and so far nothing is really there. My pictures are somewhere else, somewhere in my hard drives or something, but that’s all I know.

In conclusion, that is pretty much everything that I can tell you. While typing this post I felt a little bored, so  I ended up watching random funny videos. Some of them might be from Shadow Infinite.