Website Reviews: Buxster


Buxster basically had a similar past like Buddy Web whereas they had a different topic to their site. Before the “music movement”, Buxster mainly consisted of entertainment(for members mostly.) Today’s Buxster features a vast variety of colorful music videos and all things music, most of them being new aged. This review took a very long time because I had much to do.

DESIGN: 88/100
Buxster has done very superb with cross-browsing. One difference though is that in Internet Explorer when hovering to the log in/register button the button’s opacity is smaller. But that’s so much about it, and well done. Many segments of the design on Buxster are really great. The new Shine page in my opinion is such a major improvement. Let’s look at the down sides, though, including:

  • The background, I have to say, is OK, it actually works well with the site, but it’s a little too distracting.
  • The font you used for the titles in logos are thin, which is not good for those that can’t see well.
  • The footer is a little “out of place.” You should kind of fix that.
I have a mobile version of your website, and in my opinion it’s really good.

FEATURES: 85/100
In Buxster, you can watch music videos, be part of a community, download its amazing apps, comment on the guestbook or spambook, and more. Buxster has been living up to its main thing: music, and has done decently well with features especially for members of Buxster.

CONTENT: 87/100
Buxster has tons of content, especially from music to support. For the positives, Buxster has stuck with its topic since the music movement. Buxster does not contain any content that is out of its main course. Buxster also keeps you connected, whenever and wherever, with the BuxBar and its mobile applications. Yes, I do have the mobile version on iPad and iPod, and did experience it. But now here are its downs.

It is known that Buxster offers you the latest music from the latest singer. And I understand. This is basically a suggestion, but would Buxster also add some classics? For example, The Beatles? But that is okay, but you know I have different tastes. And I don’t actually hear so much of rap and new age music (just some.)

Some other things you need to add are the Shine page “about” and the Vippy page. You have to add that. It would probably keep your members alive and interested, and I do want to vote for my favorite music video. Release that and the content segment will receive a higher score.

Buxster has the much anticipated BMA (Buxster Member Awards). It’s really one of the most exciting things to happen in Buxster, and I cannot wait for the next one. I am not going to join the BMA Awards, but I will definitely try to participate and vote for the best! :)

And speaking of your mobile apps–don’t just include updates, add some vids too! It is possible to make them work for the iPod, Android, etc. But it will take a lot of work!

According to the members page you have 264 members. That’s a lot for a Webs website. To score higher, however, you should have 300. Then I know that Buxster is a really active site.

Even though Buxster is a place of music, watching the music videos I only see approximately 25 views per vid… which doesn’t seem right. It’s around 25 views and you have more than 200 members? I haven’t been doing much in Buxster lately knowing that I have a lot of work to do this summer, including my two upcoming projects (which you’ll hear soon), but remember, those members require more activity but you know that sometimes they’re busy.

Buxster is an excellent music website with a vast variety of apps, downloads, features, pages, content, members, and much more! With these kind of expectations Buxster really deserved top notch comments from many people, including those that have experience with sites. I couldn’t say any better, and Zane should really keep this up!

P.S. — I have seen an update on your design. The links and logo turned to blue. Good choice! (It looks way better and fits to your site, now with the background…)